In Three Years – A Mulberry Lane Novel (Book 3)

A lot can happen in three years.

Welcome back to Mulberry Lane!

They say a lot can happen in three years. For best friends, Louise, Kate and Sarah, it certainly was the truth.

In just three years, the life of sixty-two-year-old Louise had irrevocably changed. Diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, what the next three years would bring, remained to be seen.

Kate’s ex-husband has a new girlfriend. Under normal circumstances, that would have been fine. But there’s a catch. He wants his new partner to play a bigger role in their son’s life. Kate doesn’t know how she feels about her only son having another mother.

Sarah and Caleb are getting married. Their kids are thriving, and they are learning how to be better parents to Noah, who has ADHD. Life is perfect…until the day that it isn’t.

In Three Years is an emotional and touching story about friendship, love, and loss. It is the final book in the Mulberry Lane Series.  

In Three Years is now available. Get it here: Amazon. Also available in paperback from your local bookstore.

Three Wishes – A Mulberry Lane Novel (Book 2)

They say bad things come in threes.

When Kate accidentally breaks a mirror, she believes she’s destined for seven years of bad luck. And just as the superstition dictates, a stream of tragedies crop up, beginning with the sudden death of her father.

Sarah and Caleb have good news to share: They are taking their commitment to another level and are moving in together. Everything is perfect until Sarah makes a regrettable mistake that completely overturns their bliss.

After forty years apart, Louise is finally in the arms of Philip, the man she’d once lost to God. But their happiness is short-lived when Louise receives a life shock that will change everything forever.

Kate, Sarah, and Louise find themselves in the face of misfortune and adversity of which they are powerless to change. Will the bonds of their friendship continue to give them strength?

Three Wishes is now available. Get it here.

Tea for Three – A Mulberry Lane Novel (Book 1)

Three women. Three cups of tea. Three new beginnings.

Sarah Gardner’s husband went to sleep one night in November and never woke up. At forty-years-old, the new widow is left to care for their three children, all of whom are under the age of five.

Twenty-five-year-old Filipina, Kate Morgan, thought she had met the man of her dreams during what was a perfect summer vacation. Now married to the handsome American who had swept her off her feet, and over 8000 miles away from home, Kate soon realizes that her mother was right: vacations end and people change.

Louise Delaney couldn’t ask for anything more. At fifty-nine, she had enjoyed almost four decades of blissful marriage to Warren–may his soul rest in peace. But Louise’s seemingly perfect world is upended when she gets a visit from a sixteen-year-old who says she is Warren’s daughter.

Three exceptional women–each of whose hearts are broken into a million pieces–come together in this extraordinary tale of life, love, and true friendship.

Tea for Three is now available. Get it here.


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